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MCC Huatian won the bid for two photovoltaic power generation projects successively
SOURCE: AUTHOR:Zhang Lanyu & Pan Dong DATE:10 June 2022
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On June 6, MCC Huatian won the bid for the photovoltaic power generation project of Ekou Mine, Taiyuan Iron & Steel, following its winning the bid for the Yiwu Geely BAPV project on May 12. The consecutive success in two photovoltaic power projects, especially the breakthrough made in photovoltaic power generation for mountain areas, indicates that MCC Huatian has had a certain market competitiveness in the new energy industry.

The new mode of "mining area + photovoltaic power generation" provides a new way of sustainable development for the environmental governance of mining areas in China, so as to realize the comprehensive and multipurpose development of China's land and resources. In this context, Baowu Clean Energy Co., Ltd. plans to make use of the dump site of Ekou Mine, Taiyuan Iron & Steel, and the surrounding mountain areas to develop the photovoltaic power project. The content of this EPC project mainly includes engineering design, supply of equipment and materials, construction, installation and commissioning, completion acceptance, warranty, related inspection application, project commissioning, training, etc. The smooth implementation of this project will help Baowu Clean Energy Co., Ltd. realize the reuse of idle land in the mining area and maintain sustainable development.

The owner of Yiwu Geely 18 MW BAPV project is Geely Ronghe (Ningbo) New Energy Co., Ltd. The main content of the project includes the access procedure of photovoltaic power plant, civil engineering drawing design, equipment procurement, civil construction, electrical installation works, and grid connection. After the implementation of the project, it will help the company to realize the self-generation of electricity for private use, and effectively alleviate the pressure of electricity consumption, while reducing the energy consumption of the enterprise to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

The new energy market development team of MCC Huatian will continue to actively respond to the national requirements for energy transformation, explore the new energy market, and strive for greater achievements to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of MCC Huatian.

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